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Primary English


Our Primary English Language programme has been popular amongst our students, whether it is building their vocabulary bank or mastering the grammatical concepts. The key components of the MOE Primary English syllabus are systematically covered in our English programme.

Our lessons have also been designed to:
- cultivate consistency in learning new words and phrases
- communicate in English confidently
- develop fluent oratorical skills
- cultivate the love for English Language
- expose the students to interesting genres and texts
- teach students to listen carefully and think critically
- encourage students to clarify ideas, ask questions and share opinions
- stretch the students’ linguistic ability
- train them to read speedily and accurately

The curriculum cycle for our primary school English class will cover all the components in the English examination paper.


- 培养学习新单词和短语
- 自信地用英语交流
- 培养流利的口才技巧
- 培养对英语语言的热爱
- 让学生接触有趣的体裁和文本
- 教会学生仔细聆听和学会批判性思考
- 鼓励学生提出观点,以及对问题的分享意见
- 提升学生的语言能力
- 训练他们快速和准确地阅读

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