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What Our Students Say

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'I have attended classes at Emma Study Place since I was in P4. Initially, I was apprehensive. I would rather play with my electronic devices than to study. However, the teachers at Emma Study Place are compassion and patient. They did not give up on me. Gradually, I change into a more responsible and conscientious youth. I am thankful for their guidance and encouragement. I have improved in my attitude, and I have found my career aspiration which I am fervently working towards it.'

Bryan Lu, S4 (2022)

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“I personally used to have a vendetta for tuition, having attended tuition at various centres since I was 7. I never enjoyed and had always dreaded the lessons.
However, when I came to Emma Study Place, I began looking forward to going for every lessons, be it English, Math, Science. Emma Study Place has truly become my second home. It is the place where I go to study and work hard for my goals. It is the place which I forged memorable friendships. At Emma Study Place, I do not only learn about academics but also about global affairs, world history, life lessons and ethics. Through Emma Study Place, I feel that I have grown in many areas. With the support from Emma Study Place’s teachers and their advices, I've managed to top my cohort throughout my 4 years in Secondary School! I also excel in my CCAs- dragon boating, NCC and BB!”

Brandon Low, S4 (2022)

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