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Secondary English


To excel in English Language at Secondary levels, our Secondary English programme aims to build students’ vocabulary bank as well as reinforcing their grammatical concepts. They are challenge to process, think and analyse critically from the news articles and renowned literary books.

The lessons have also been designed to
- communicate in English confidently
- develop fluent oratorical and presentation skills
- expose the students to a variety of genres and texts
- teach students to listen carefully
- teach students to infer, process, think and analyse comprehension passages critically
- stretch the students’ linguistic ability

This programme also hones the writing ability of students in areas of writing. Students will be taught the techniques to tackle persuasive, discursive, argumentative and summary writing.

The curriculum cycle for our secondary school English class will cover all the components in the English examination paper.


- 自信地用英语交流
- 培养流利的口才和演讲技巧
- 让学生接触各种体裁和文本
- 教会学生认真倾听
- 教会学生推断、处理、思考和批判性地分析理解性的段落
- 提升学生的语言能力



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