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Secondary Principles of Accounts


Our Secondary Principles of Accounts programme has helped many students ace their examinations. Not only does it develop the students’ relate to the practical business setting, but it also develops their cognitive and metacognitive skills.
With comprehensive notes and concise explanations and practices, we help our students understand the concepts, excel in their Principles of Accounts examinations. Many of our students have also moved on to take Accountancy for their tertiary education.

Our lessons are designed to
- help students who have difficulties in understanding concepts and abstract ideas taught
- build students’ foundation in POA, stretch their potential so that they can excel in their POA Examinations
- provide positive learning experiences to inculcate positive attitudes and confidence towards Accounting

The curriculum cycle for our secondary school Principles of Accounts class will cover all the components in the POA examination paper.


- 帮助那些在理解所学概念和抽象思想方面有困难的学生
- 奠定学生的会计学基础,发挥他们的潜力,使他们能够在会计学考试中取得优异成绩
- 提供积极的学习经验,灌输对会计的积极态度和信心。


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