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Secondary Science (Physics, Chemistry and Biology)


Our team of Science specialists have designed comprehensive lower secondary science and upper secondary science programmes to cater to the needs of our students.

Our Secondary Science programmes have been well received by the students since 2007.  With comprehensive notes and concise explanations, we help our students understand the concepts, excel in their Science examinations and apply their Science concepts in our practical world.

We challenge our students to process, think and analyse the Scientific principles constantly. We motivate our students to learn and reinvent and excel in their Science examinations.
Our Science programmes provides our students
- a dynamic and relevant curriculum
- exposure to higher order science questions
- stimulation and challenges to help them do better than what they are expected.

The curriculum cycle for our secondary school Science classes will cover all the components in the Science examination papers.


自2007年以来,我们的中学科学课程一直深受学生欢迎。 通过全面的笔记和简明的解释,我们帮助学生理解概念,在科学考试中取得优异成绩,并将科学概念应用于我们的实践世界。


- 一个动态和相关的课程
- 接触到更高层次的科学问题
- 刺激和挑战,以帮助他们做得比预期的更好。


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